Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cuppy Cake Couple

 One will find such couples at every corner of marine-drive.We just clicked the photo from behind when we figured out them sitting very cosy with each other.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Round Masjid

This masjid is in my vicinity only. I have grown up seeing this masjid. Even though its in my vicinity only I have never seen it from inside. Its near Metro and its in middle of the road. It is known as Round masjid as the walls of masjid is in a round format.

Mumbai's Heart

The Arabian sea, an asset to Mumbai. A true Mumbaikar will visit Marine Drive atleast once in his whole life. I staying nearby get the opportunity to visit this place again and again. This photo was clicked in afternoon when I was taking a stroll on Marine Drive.

Dhishoom Dhishoom

Mumbaikars are like number 1 when it comes to fights. Especially in trains and that to in ladies compartment. But Mumbaikars forgive to fast. like we will find people fighting and group of people crowding them atleast once in a day. This is how it works in Mumbai.

The happening youths life.

Mumbai is very much known for its Youth life. It is one of the most happening city of India. The best pals in any one's life are the college days, the college hang outs. This photo is clicked in KC Canteen only. The first time I entered the college. I was fascinated seeing the masti of college people.


Speciality of Mumbai, you will find them at each and every place. the most common problem with the Indian beggars is that they prefer begging and not working. This is basically one of the reason why India is counted as an underdeveloped country rather than a developed country.


This picture is clicked at the fort fish market when I had visited it with my mom. I was really fascinated after  seeing the different kind of fishes but however I did not like the smell and moved out of the market. But the funny part is that I like having fish.

over crowded transportation

Mumbai city comprises of crores of people. Out of which majority of people travel by train. In general if the trains stops mumbai to an extent stops. It is a mode of transport for "aam janta" (common man). The very fact of Mumbai locals is that it is always crowded at any point of time. It potrays mumbai never sleeps. its the city of nights. 

CST Station

Chatrapati shivaji terminus is the largest station in Mumbai. It is the busiest railway station no one has time to take a break for themself. Its like a treasure for India. It is known for its artistic architecture. It was designed by Frederick William Stevens in 1887-1888. This magnificent building is designed in Victorian Gothic style of architecture. But recently mumbai's asset has been damaged by terror.

Vada pav

It is known as poor mans food. A vada pav stall is never ideal in mumbai. Its always loaded with people. This man Sudhir Yadav(37), he gets up at 6 just to earn his lively hood by making vada pav's from morning 9 to evening 7 and serve the hungry mumbaikars with his delicious vada pav's. I tried one to....
         Its a totally a different feeling wen we eat garam garam vada pav and tea in heavy rains I bet no dishes could compare with it. It is totally a different and a good feeling.